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Understanding your challenges 

Compréhension de vos enjeux

The pre-production phase is the most important stage in the development of the project. At this stage, we clearly define the content of the video aligned with the digital and business strategy. Several phases are necessary.

An effective method is to organize a brainstorming session in order to define  the story, the characters, the plot, the message, the style, the length of the clip.  

This step consists of writing the script including the dialogues, the voiceovers, the background sound, the visual effects...

A one-minute video should contain around 120 words. Silences can be just as effective.

The storyboard  specifies the details of the shots in order to schedule and simplify the shooting.

This last step consists in planning the shooting, identifying the places, the actors and extras, the accessories, the specific clothes as well as the authorizations related to image rights.

Session de Brainstorming pour une créativité maximum
Le document de production
Elaboration du StoryBoard
La plannification
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