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How to approach video marketing?

présentatrice expliquant les bases du marketing

The why ?

Video has great strengths. From 30 seconds to 30 minutes, that's the time it takes for a prospect to learn about your product or service, brand or company. 

The ability to transmit information has yet to be equalled.

Video is a tool that allows you to be informative, creative and emotional at the same time

Videos on the website improve SEO.

Internet users spend twice as much time on a page with a video.

The video can be used in your blogs.

Post video content often.

Créer une strategie de marketing vidéo

Define your objective for your video according to the stage considered in the Marketing funnel

  • Awareness: the viewer realizes they have a problem

  • Consideration: the spectator thinks to solve the problem

  • Decision: The solution is found with supporting evidence​

Finding your target audience is a crucial step. It is imperative to define the personality of your target audience.

Votre public cible
Le storytelling

The spectator's journey: the protagonist of the story

Conflict: The Viewer's Pain Point

Happiness: a world without pain

Resolution: the answer

  • Advertising: this is a "corporate" video, to publicize the company and its main assets (30 sec to one minute)

  • Explanatory video

  • Product Video

  • Testimony

  • Lifestyle

  • Documentaries

  • stories

  • Animation

choisir son type de viéo
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