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The filming of the clip

La qualité du son
Le visuel
la lumière
Maquillage habillement coiffure

We can understand that if the pre-production phase has been well prepared, the shooting is simplified and has a real impact on the budget. Several key points should not be overlooked.

The sound quality is one of the essential points of the shoot. Indeed, even if you don't want it, poor image quality but with perfect sound ^can maintain   the viewer, the reverse not.

A professional quality image can make the difference in terms of corporate image.

Lighting sets the mood, tone, look and feel

of your production.

A bad appearance can affect the success of your video. Make sure of the stylistic choice according to the story. Matte makeup can avoid unsightly reflections on the face.




Illustration shots are often necessary to give rhythm to the clip (close-up, detail shot, aerial view, etc.).  Using a teleprompter can be useful.

Finally, allow time to repeat and modify the text if necessary if the pronunciation is too difficult.

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