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Recruitment video

The latest studies show that recruiting videos are the most effective tools for attracting the right skills to your company.

Things have changed regarding recruiting. It is now the candidates who choose their company based on a life project. In the past, we built a life project based on a professional project.

The DNA of your company, the atmosphere, teamwork, autonomy, benevolence, projects and customers, challenges, the company's environmental behavior, etc.... are values that today even go beyond remuneration.

The recruitment video is the best tool to show the values of the company.

The growth of online video is spectacular and recruitment will not escape this new medium.

In 2022, the application rate increased by 34% on the ad with a video.

The entrepreneur has the opportunity to show the human side and the corporate culture.

A job advertisement, regardless of the length of the text, will not replace this internal view of the company's organization and its prospects.

A large majority of candidates are looking for a job on their mobile. Video is essential. The video can relate to employees, workspaces, a particular job seen on a daily basis, or a more general presentation such as a brand manifesto, the story of an employee, etc. The important points for preparing a recruitment video relate to a clear strategy, well-identified objectives and targets, well-crafted storytelling and of course total authenticity.

The video goes beyond the application boost. If they come to you, it's because your values are in line with theirs. The chances of keeping your collaborator beyond the 6 months of trial are significant.

The investment in a quality video is small compared to the impact of a lack or bad recruitment.

Here is the link on youtube of a video about Linkedin.

Despite the poor visual quality, there is a real authenticity to the atmosphere at work.

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